Welcome To Our Site!

Our aim is to share with you pictures and videos from some of the places that we visit and enjoy, as well as anything else of interest that we decide to post. Our hope is that you enjoy them!.

Our Favorite Places

We enjoy visiting natural wonders, as well as historical places. This is not surprising, considering that we very much enjoy nature and history. Contemplating the natural world sets our spirits high, but for us is also about accepting our little place in the universe and our role in it. We love the knowledge of history because it gives us an understanding of human affairs, whether abstract or mundane, that we could not possibly have in its absence.

Our Interests

We both enjoy RVing, birding, biking, hiking, boating/canoeing, fishing, reading, photography, video making, and gardening. She  really enjoys music and even singing old tunes.

Little Jewels From Our Birding Files